Quest for the Stanley Cup: NHL releases first-round schedule

The first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is set with the qualifying round over.

The Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues, the top teams in their respective conferences and last year’s Stanley Cup finalists, fell to the fourth seed after the round robin. The Philadelphia Flyers will be the top seed in the Eastern Conference (Toronto hub) and the Vegas Golden Knights will lead the West (Edmonton hub).

The No. 12-seeded Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks, meanwhile, advanced with upsets in the qualifying round.

Each series will feature one potential back-to-back night situation.

The matchups (all times p.m. ET, “home” team, which gets last line change is listed second for each date; U.S. networks listed, x-if necessary):

First round

Aug. 12: Montreal vs. Philadelphia (8, NBCSN)

Aug. 14: Montreal vs. Philadelphia (3, NBCSN)

Aug. 16: Philadelphia vs. Montreal  (8, NBC)

Aug. 18: Philadelphia vs. Montreal (3, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 19: Montreal vs. Philadelphia (TBD)

x-Aug. 21: Philadelphia vs. Montreal (TBD)

x-Aug. 23: Montreal vs. Philadelphia (TBD)

Aug. 11: Columbus vs. Tampa Bay (3, NBCSN)

Aug. 13: Columbus vs. Tampa Bay (3, NBCSN)

Aug. 15: Tampa Bay vs. Columbus (7:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 17: Tampa Bay vs. Columbus (3, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 19: Columbus vs. Tampa Bay (TBD)

x-Aug. 21: Tampa Bay vs. Columbus (TBD)

x-Aug. 22: Columbus vs. Tampa Bay (TBD)

Aug. 12: NY Islanders vs. Washington (3, NBCSN)

Aug. 14: NY Islanders vs. Washington (8, NBCSN)

Aug. 16: Washington vs. NY Islanders (noon, USA)

Aug. 18: Washington vs. NY Islanders (8, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 20: NY Islanders vs. Washington (TBD)

x-Aug. 22: Washington vs. NY Islanders (TBD)

x-Aug. 23: NY Islanders vs. Washington (TBD)

Aug. 11: Carolina vs. Boston (8, NBCSN,)

Aug. 13: Carolina vs. Boston (8, NBCSN)

Aug. 15: Boston vs. Carolina (noon, NBC)

Aug. 17: Boston vs. Carolina (8, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 19: Carolina vs. Boston (TBD)

x-Aug. 20: Boston vs. Carolina (TBD)

x-Aug. 23: Carolina vs. Boston (TBD)

Aug. 11: Chicago vs. Vegas (10:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 13: Chicago vs. Vegas (5:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 15: Vegas vs. Chicago (8, NBC)

Aug. 16: Vegas vs. Chicago (6:30, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 18: Chicago vs. Vegas (TBD)

x-Aug. 20: Vegas vs. Chicago (TBD)

x-Aug. 22: Chicago vs. Vegas (TBD)

Aug. 12: Arizona vs. Colorado (5:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 14: Arizona vs. Colorado (2, NHLN)

Aug. 15: Colorado vs. Arizona (3, CNBC)

Aug. 17: Colorado vs. Arizona (5:30, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 19: Arizona vs. Colorado (TBD)

x-Aug. 21: Colorado vs. Arizona (TBD)

x-Aug. 23: Arizona vs. Colorado (TBD)

Aug. 11: Calgary vs. Dallas (5:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 13: Calgary vs. Dallas (10:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 14: Dallas vs. Calgary (10:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 16: Dallas vs. Calgary (2, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 18: Calgary vs. Dallas (TBD)

x-Aug. 20: Dallas vs. Calgary (TBD)

x-Aug. 22: Dallas vs. Calgary (TBD)

Aug. 12: Vancouver vs. St. Louis (10:30, NBCSN)

Aug. 14: Vancouver vs. St. Louis (6:30, NHLN)

Aug. 16: St. Louis vs. Vancouver (10:30, CNBC)

Aug. 17: St. Louis vs. Vancouver (10:30, NBCSN)

x-Aug. 19: Vancouver vs. St. Louis (TBD)

x-Aug. 21: St. Louis vs. Vancouver (TBD)

x-Aug. 23: Vancouver vs. St. Louis (TBD)

Qualifying round and round robin

Game 1: Hurricanes 3, Rangers 2

Game 2: Hurricanes 4, Rangers 1

Game 3: Hurricanes, 4, Rangers 1

Game 1: Islanders 2, Panthers 1

Game 2: Islanders 4, Panthers 2

Game 3: Panthers 3, N.Y. Islanders 2

Game 4: Islanders 5, Panthers 1

Game 1: Canadiens 3, Penguins 2 (OT)

Game 2: Penguins 3, Canadiens 1

Game 3: Canadiens 4, Penguins 3

Game 4: Canadiens 2, Penguins 0

Game 1: Blue Jackets 2, Maple Leafs 0

Game 2: Maple Leafs 3, Blue Jackets 0

Game 3: Blue Jackets 4, Maple Leafs 3 (OT)

Game 4: Maple Leafs 4, Blue Jackets 3 (OT)

Game 5: Blue Jackets 3, Maple Leafs 0

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