Does Washington’s new team gear hint at a future name? One writer connects the dots

After numerous online stories removed the Washington Football Team gear that featured the old moniker, and then the team made the temporary name change, fans were left without a way to purchase new apparel. That changed recently, as new clothes, accessories and collectibles were part of the launch of an online team store.

Beyond the excitement of new gear, however, lies an interesting “conspiracy.” Do the new Washington Football Team items hint at what the next team name maybe be? CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo did a deep dive into the symbols and threads used and came up with some rather interesting theories.

First, DeArdo closely examined the large ‘W’ that was featured prominently in a great amount of the gear. To many, it may just seem like an ordinary symbol that belongs on gear for a team that begins with that letter, but not to him. He feels that the ‘W’ could potentially mean that Washington will eventually switch over to a new moniker, such as the Washington Warriors.


The speculation did not end there. He also examined a few designs that featured white lines that rise as they move letter to letter. DeArdo thinks that resembles “‘lifting off’ like a plane from a runway.” That could mean that the Washington Redtails are in the future plans for the franchise. 

Among his other deep-dives, DeArdo found one logo that has streaks in the letters that is similar to what the Los Angeles Chargers do with their logo. He pulled the Washington Shockers and Washington Bolts out of left field for that connection.

DeArdo did admit that all of his theories are highly unlikely, but it is fun to speculate on what the franchise has in store for its next era of football.

Whether the new gear actually leaves clues or not, they are still special pieces of memorabilia. Washington Football Team apparel is something that marks the new step for the team, and with it being a pit stop for the franchise, it could act as a small piece of history down the line.

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Does Washington’s new team gear hint at a future name? One writer connects the dots originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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